11,056,574 steps made during our Steps for Charity 2021 challenge

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Our Steps for charity 2021 challenge in February was a huge success and £1,165 has been raised so far for the Child Education Programme.


URBOND is pleased to have partnered with Amazon in the community for the Steps for Charity 2021 Challenge for the month of February. Our objective for this partnership was to try and keep the community active, mentally, and physically healthy during these difficult times. It was also an incentive put in place to help URBOND raise fund toward the Child Education Programme.

The target for the challenge was for Team URBOND to do 6,081,928 steps in the month of February, and for every 500,000 steps achieved by Team URBOND, Amazon in the community will donate £50 to URBOND.

67 people located in 23 different countries and 4 different continents took part in the challenge. 11,056,574 steps were taken during the 28 days period by the team, and we are pleased to say we exceeded target by 4,974,646. We covered the distance of 3,152 miles which equates to the distance from the UK to the Republic of Guinea. We also covered an additional 2,585 miles and raised a whooping £1,165 for URBOND Child Education Programme.

Massive thank you to everyone for taking part and for their continuous supports. Well done and special thank you to our dedicated volunteers Moussa Conte and Alicia R for organising this event, it was fun, enjoyable, and beneficial to the charity and for everyone involved.

Get involved, together we can achieve great things.

DONATE to support us: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/stepsforcharity21

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