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2021 Volunteer's Trip

Our 2021 Volunteers had 3 key areas where they would work and impact the young people and their communities in Dubreka, Guinea. These areas were, infrastructure, health, and sensitation campaigns.

A group of volunteers from 9 different nationalities (UK, Greece, Spain, Poland, Iran, Ghana, Guinea, Cyprus and Russia) left Portsmouth (UK) for their first visit to Guinea, and for many, their first trip to Africa.
Although all the volunteers come from different cultural backgrounds, they had a lot in common. They share a passion for helping others and a willingness to make a difference to the educational system in one of the poorest countries in the world.


In addition to URBOND incredible achievements since inception in 2018 in the Republic of Guinea, the charity will be addressing further issues with child education, help improve primary education and provide more opportunities to children in need.

Five more objectives have already been set:
1. Organise and deliver training on menstruation to young girls as many young girls drop out of school as a result of that.
2. Offer free English class to young people and adults in the community.
3. At our partner school, Ecole Primaire Public d’Application, Dubreka, we will build a new toilet facility for girls and a new play area for the pupils to encourage them to stay in school and to keep mentally and physically healthy.
3. Dental hygiene workshops for the children.
4. Organise campaigns on Need for Child Education to identify and eliminate barriers around education.