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2022 Volunteer's Trip

Our 2022 Volunteers had 4 key areas where they would work and impact the young people and their communities in Dubreka, Guinea. These areas were, education, infrastructure, health, and sensitation campaigns.


In addition to URBOND incredible achievements since inception in 2018 in the Republic of Guinea, the charity will be addressing further issues with child education, help improve primary education and provide more opportunities to children in need.

Five more objectives have already been set:
1. A training centre in Conakry to provide job ready training to people from underprivileged communities. Partnership project with Microsoft.
2. Complete the building of six classrooms in Koutaya, Dubreka where there is currently no school.
3. Provide clean running water to the children in Ecole Primaire Public d’Application, Dubreka.
4. Support disabled children to access education in Conakry and Dubreka, Republic of Guinea.
5. More parent workshops to identify and eliminate barriers around education.