Community Basketball Tournament (April 13th, 2019)

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30 people from 13 nationalities turned out to the 1st Community Basketball Tournament held on Saturday, 13th April at Charles Dickens Activity Centre.

Between the players and the supporters, we were able to raise £350 which will go toward supporting URBOND Child Education Programme.

Speaking after the tournament, Charles one of the senior players from Fratton Portsmouth “It’s a fantastic job URBOND is doing in the community, not only they are building a stronger community, they are also giving the kids the opportunity to play some sport and make friends in the community.

The tournament was a great success, it has shown us that many people in our community love playing basketball. We will use this sporting activity along with other URBOND projects to build a cohesive community. We will also make sure that we invite many young people to come to the next tournament (Ousmane Drame, Founder and Chairman of URBOND).

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