Books And Study Materials For Children: Donation of books and school supplies at Ecole Primaire Public d’Appliction de Dubreka

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The list of books donated by URBOND to Year 6 student at the School (Ecole Primaire Public d’Application) are as follow: French manual, Maths, History, Geography, Civic Education, Sciences (Biology and Chemistry), French Dictionaries and other study materials.

The ceremony was held on Monday July 13th, 2020 at Ecole Primaire Public d’Application with the presence of the school headmaster, the teachers, the pupils and two representatives of URBOND.

Mr. Doré, in the name of the school expressed his gratitude to URBOND for their constant support to the school and the betterment of the education of children in Dubreka and surrounding areas. URBOND reaffirmed its availability to assist the teachers and pupils to the best of its ability, URBOND further went on to confirm the willingness and the dedication to provide a better education and opportunities to the children in Dubreka (Republic of Guinea).

Schools have resumed after 3 months of lockdown due to COVID-19, the children have only a month to go before they sit for their exams. Most children make long unsafe journeys daily such as walking 10km or crossing rivers in canoes to come School to be educated. For the past 2 years, Ecole Primaire Public d’Application, the teachers, the students and parents have heavily been relying on URBOND support for children to receive quality education. With the help of members of our local communities in the UK, URBOND will keep providing better education and opportunities to children who may not otherwise receive it. We hope that these study materials along with the extra classes will make a massive difference and give the children a better chance to pass their exams.

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