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Supercharge your business or company by becoming a corporate partner with URBOND. Through supporting a charity such as ours, you’ll get advertising across our channels from your partnership, as well as the opportunity to work with us, and get recognised for doing so, on beneficial projects both at home and abroad.

Your support means we can accelerate our work on the Child Development Programme in Guinea, building schools and delivering education; breaking down barriers to schooling; and your company can help us in doing so and get recognition for their input and positive affirmation across your channels. Closer to home, the Youth Development Programme may allow your company to support young people in finding work and building skillsets, nurturing young talent and giving opportunities.

There is always a positive way to support our work, and we will always appreciate and recognise the partnership wherever we can, and especially across our events, ceremonies and keynote addresses, depening on the nature of the support.

Other companies have benefitted from supporting URBOND, and you could to. Get in touch with us today to find out how a corporate partnership or sponsorship could take shape, and together we can make a cohesive difference.

Why partner with us?
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Sam Nobes | Operations Director, Richmond Motor Group
Bringing people together and supporting them is so important for our community. The team at URBOND do this through sport, family fun days and many other activities. The work URBOND are doing in our community and in Africa is nothing short of amazing. As a family-owned business, we care about our community and take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and this is why Richmond are proud to support URBOND
HAYLEY GEORGE | Managing Director, Tennyson Limited
As a local business we have been proud to support URBOND from day one. It has been an honour and a privilege to have been a small part of the URBOND story and their mission has never been so relevant and so needed. From building resilience in mental health during lockdown to building a school in the Republic of Guinea- the breadth, depth, and ongoing impact of the great work that they do never ceases to amaze. In these divided times, community and togetherness have never been more important and URBOND continue to bridge those divisions, locally, domestically, and internationally.


To discuss corporate fundraising, sponsorship or partnership with URBOND email today.