Mamadou Bachir Balde is 9 years old, born in Labe which is 309 kilometres from the capital city Conakry.
At the age of 6, Mamadou was evicted from school for non-payment and as a direct result of this his parent had no choice but to send him to his uncle, who at the time lived in the capital, in the hope that he will provide a better life for him. Mamadou spent a year with his uncle, but due to a relationship breakdown he was ousted from his home and has been living on the streets of Conakry, fending for himself ever since.

He took refuge underneath the foundations of a building where many other homeless children and adults have called their own, all suffering from malnourishment and the simple things in life.

Every morning when Mamadou sees other kids going to school he envies them, he would love to have the opportunity to study and enjoy his childhood. There is still drive and determination inside Mamadou and he spends most afternoons begging for food and spare change, since October 2018 he started working with a mechanic, learning how to fix cars in the hope for a better future.