URBOND partners with Club des Jeunes Scientifique Francophones de Guinee (CJSFG) to improve primary education through digital technology.

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URBOND and Le Club des Jeunes Scientifique francophones de Guinee (CJSFG) have formed a partnership to help improve primary education through digital technology. The partnership aims to empower young people through the creation and management of micro-enterprises.
CJSFG is a Guinean-based charity, founded in 2015. The main purpose of the organisation is to provide technical and technological training to children and teachers through integrated programmes. Some of CJSFG’s partners include African Union, the US Embassy and OIM.
URBOND and CJSFG have already started working toward strengthening the link between schools and the world of work, we intend to promote excellence through digital technology and entrepreneurship for future leaders.
We are delighted to partner with this amazing organisation, we look forward to helping change more lives and provide more opportunities to children in need.

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