URBOND partners with Club Sportif de Kipe (CSK) to organise a fundraising marathon in Dubreka (Republic of Guinea)

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The Marathon or half marathon will take place in Dubreka (Republic of Guinea) on the 9th October 2022 to help raise funds for the Child Education Programme.
CSK runs Marathons and fitness activities in the Republic of Guinea, France, the US, Germany and Belgium to keep communities mentally and physically healthy.
During the meeting yesterday, Sekou Djibril founder of Club Sportif de Kipe (CSK) had this to say;
“Our objectives are to help members fight against cardiovascular diseases and obesity, and keep them fit and healthy. I am looking forward to this amazing partnership with URBOND”
Why not join us in Dubreka with our 2022 volunteers and take part in a 5km, 10km half or full marathon.

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