URBOND’s Country Representative visits the UK Embassy in The Republic of Guinea

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URBOND and the UK Embassy to the Republic of Guinea have come together to help advance girl’s education in the Republic of Guinea

URBOND and the UK Embassy to the Republic of Guinea have come together to help advance girl’s education in the Republic of Guinea.

Young women’s ability to access, retain and complete a school education is still a significant issue of concern in Africa. In Guinea specifically, UNESCO figures show a gender parity index (GPI) score of just 0.79 for school enrolment across primary and secondary (against 0.93 for Sub-Saharan Africa overall) clearly indicating that gender disparity is a considerable issue in the country and that girls are much more disadvantaged than boys in learning opportunities. UNESCO statistics for Guinea evidence this disparity right through to primary completion numbers and then literacy rates in youths, all favouring males significantly. Over 280k young women are out of school (29% of the female population at primary age) nearly double the number of males (142k children, 15% of the population).

Education is a fundamental key to unlocking the cycle of poverty and working to eliminate gender disparities in education will help meaningfully increase both the status and capabilities of women in Guinean society. In contrast, the UK has a GPI score (of 1.01) for school enrolment and is well placed to help unlock these challenges and play a part in supporting developing countries such as Guinea, who need to remove the barriers to girls’ education.

With the support of the UK Embassy, a team of specialists from the UK (comprising of programme speakers and participants including a NHS support worker, qualified GP and pharmacist) URBOND will deliver a series of workshops and sessions designed to educate children, their parents and teachers around gender discrimination and the importance of receiving an education. The team will deliver content that specifically addresses issues around gender inequality and discrimination, such as sensitising pupils around matters like female menstruation, and other issues which are currently significant barriers to girls’ education.

“We are very excited and look forward to meeting URBOND volunteers, It’s amazing to witness the great job that the charity is doing in Guinea. We are very proud and grateful to have this British based charity operating in Guinea helping improve child education.” – Mr David Mcllroy, UK Ambassador to Guinea

Tackling gender disparity at its roots by providing the education that will change mindsets will help unlock the challenges and remove the barriers to girls’ education in Guinea.

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