Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 1 – Sunday (10th October 2021)

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It was 2 long hours after arriving at Conakry airport. The whole group of volunteers had to patiently wait for each person to get a visa to enter the country.

After collecting and checking all luggage, everyone was ready to hop on the minivan waiting outside the airport. The van took them to their place of stay – HB Hotel Dubreka, whose staff was waiting for everyone with a warm dinner. 

The van trip that took around an hour from the airport to the hotel was a great experience for all. Even though it was dark at night, the volunteers could observe the crazy traffic that they had not seen before. Hundreds of local motorbikes, cars and buses racing in the busy streets of Conakry – imagine that!

Not only the heavy traffic was extremely interesting and shocking at the same time for them, but also the number of local people passed in the street. Conakry is known for being one of the most densely populated cities in the world and the volunteers could experience it on that Sunday night. There were hundreds of people selling something on the street, buying something, eating some food, trying to cross the streets. There were also lots of kids playing in the street and near the local shops. Conakry, despite the late hour, was still teeming with life! Many volunteers wondered if this city ever sleeps.

Tired, very hungry and happy, they all arrived safely at the HB Hotel Dubreka, their new home for the next 12 days. Hotel HB Dubreka is one of the most beautiful and welcoming hotels in the city. All the volunteers were warmly greeted by the entire staff. A warm supper awaited their arrival, how wonderful! Baked fish with cooked vegetables and fried plantains were served. The food quality was amazing and it was definitely a great way to experience the local cuisine. 

After dinner and a small talk, all volunteers went to sleep. It was a long day full of amazing experiences and everyone deserved some rest.

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