Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 10 – Tuesday (19th October 2021)

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Tuesday, 7:30 am local time in Dubreka, Guinea, when all volunteers met in the kitchen for breakfast. As every morning, the HB hotel staff prepared fresh coffee, delicious omelettes and porridge with bread for everyone. 

During breakfast, a work schedule was developed and discussed for the day. Drame announced that it was going to be a very important day and asked everyone for support. Electricity was to be installed at the school that day, which meant having all laptops and books ready and making sure the school was ready for the official opening scheduled for the next day – Wednesday, October 20 in the morning. After having breakfast, everyone went to their rooms to pack all the laptops and cables for the van. Fully packed, they all headed out to the school!

The day at school started with sweeping the floors and setting up 22 laptops on the tables in the library. Everyone was working on this together. The IT volunteer, Mikey, was in charge of this process giving everyone instructions on what to do.

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