Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 12 – Thursday (21st October 2021)

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On Thursday, October 21, the whole group of volunteers went to the Guinean capital, Conakry. The main purpose of the visit was to do the PCR tests required for the next day’s flight back home. The visit to Conakry was also a good time to buy a few souvenirs and gifts for families. It was going to be a long journey so the entire group left the hotel early in the morning after having some coffee and croissants prepared by the HB hotel staff.

After returning to school, in the late afternoon, the whole group of volunteers was divided into two parts. The first, led by Mikey – the IT guy – taught children how to use computers. The second group, led by Drame – the URBOND chairman – talked about need for young girls education.

For all students gathered in the computer class, it was the very first time to see and touch a computer. They had never seen anything like this before. Therefore, the aim of the class was to explain to them what the computer is used for, how to turn it on and off. The teacher Mikey was very patient with the students who quickly learned the basics of using a computer. He was so pleased with their progress that he decided to teach them so more stuff such as how to use Paint and Word. This was truly a fascinating experience for both, the students and volunteers who helped Mikey lead the class.

As for the workshop on need for young girls’ education, 47 local parents, 17 children, 5 primary school teachers and 7 volunteers from the UK attended the session. We discussed issues that prevent young girls’ education such as menstruation, lack of clean toilet facilities, bullying, lack of income, classes being overcrowded etc. The outcome of the workshop was incredible, volunteers were able to present great cases to encourage parents to send their girls to school. With issues with sanitary facility, URBOND have put a contingency plan in place that allow young girls to use the new toilet facility built inside the library and the computer room until new sanitary facility is built for the school. Education is a fundamental key to unlocking the cycle of poverty, working to eliminate gender disparities in education will help meaningfully increase both the status and capabilities of women in African society. The country representative Mr Mac Amara Bangoura and URBOND dedicated volunteers in the Republic of Guinea will carry on running the workshops for the best interest of young girls in Dubreka and surrounding areas.

Both groups did a wonderful job that will change the lives of many students and parents in Dubreka. Happy, grateful, and proud of their achievements, tired volunteers returned to the hotel for dinner. At dinner, Drame once again thanked everyone for their time, work, and dedication to this project. Each of the volunteers also had the opportunity to share with everyone all their experiences and lessons learned in Guinea – what a great end of the dinner!

After dinner, there was a surprise waiting for all volunteers prepared by HB hotel staff – 2 bottles of champagne and a small party on the roof of the hotel!. Everyone was very happy and felt appreciated. Sadly, it was the last night in Dubreka that summarized this incredible experience!

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