Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 2 – Monday (11th October 2021)

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It was Monday, 9:30 am, when all the volunteers met in the dining room for breakfast. After a good night’s sleep, everyone was well-rested and excited about what the new day would bring them.

The chef and staff at the HB hotel prepared a delicious breakfast for everyone – orange juice, omelettes with vegetables, warm bread, croissants with butter and jam, and coffee. During breakfast, there was time to plan the day and ask questions about the day and the entire trip. All volunteers could feel excitement in the air!

Shortly after 10 am everyone went to the school in Dubreka which is 10 minutes by car from the hotel. At the school, the management and teachers welcomed the volunteers, thanking them very much for their help and coming to Guinea. Many moving words of gratitude were said towards the volunteers. The visit at the school was a great opportunity for everyone to see what the area around the school looked like and how much work was needed to open the school to all local kids. 

The next stop was a visit to the city authorities and next the teachers’ authorities in Dubreka. Both visits were wonderful. The volunteers felt appreciated and supported by everyone. The city authorities thanked the URBOND community for everyone’s time, dedication and effort put into this project. They emphasized that Dubreka needs help as never before and initiatives like this are invaluable in the eyes of the city authorities and residents.

At the very end of the afternoon, the whole group visited the local hospital where two people from the URBOND team, Doctor Zanoon and pharmacist Ifi, will be helping in the coming days. Local doctors and nurses warmly welcomed all the volunteers sharing how much they need their help and how much they appreciate each selfless act of sharing knowledge and caring about sick people in Dubreka.

At the end of the day, the volunteers went to a volleyball match that they played with a local team of male and female volleyball players. What a game it was! All teams played hard to win. This evening turned out to be a perfect moment for all local people to unite with guests from abroad. Everyone had a lot of fun!

After returning to the hotel at 7:30 pm, there was time for dinner, talks, planning together the next day and relaxing. The chef and staff again did not disappoint with the food and served a delicious dinner to all. The volunteers indulged in a yummy grilled fish, baked vegetables, shrimps, local meat and fruit served for dessert. It was another productive and beautiful day in Dubreka filled with love, laughter and appreciation for being here and helping the Dubreka community.

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