Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 3 – Tuesday (12th October 2021)

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Early in the morning of Tuesday, October 12, at 8:00 am, all the volunteers welcomed Day 3 in Dubreka with a smile on their faces. During a delicious breakfast, very special guests appeared –  Mr David Mcllroy, UK Ambassador along with his wife. They showed a lot of gratitude and appreciation for the work in the field all the volunteers were doing. They couldn’t express how amazing this entire project was and how much of an impact was being made to help improve child education in Guinea.

Mr David Mcllroy and his wife showed a lot of interest in each volunteer asking where they came from, what motivated them to come to Guinea and how they joined the URBOND community. Everyone had a chance to share their story and the reasons why they came to Guinea. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and appreciate each other. 

Immediately after breakfast, the British ambassador, his team and the rest of the volunteers went to visit the school. It was supposed to be a brief orientation visit. Nobody expected what they found. Happy teachers, all the parents, school management and lots of local children were waiting for the guests to greet them with nice words, loud music and dancing! It was a lovely welcome! 

The school board thanked everyone for the hard work and effort put into building the school, library and computer class for kids in need in Dubreka. The teachers gave a speech of thanks to all volunteers and to the entire British Embassy, ​​which wholeheartedly supports this initiative. 

Many wonderful words were said to the guests, and at the end the music was turned up and everyone was invited to dance. Imagine this joyous scene in which everyone is dancing together, enjoying life and singing to the rhythm of the music – this is what was happening in Dubreka that day. Contagious energy of love, appreciation and happiness was spread around! 

The British ambassador spoke to all those present, thanking them for organizing the welcoming party at the school. He also expressed his sincere thanks to all volunteers. Additionally, Drame, the founder of the URBOND community, gave a short speech of thanks to all, highlighting how important it is to support the educational system in Dubreka.

At the end of the celebration, there was time to meet local children and take some photos with them. These were wonderful moments for each of the volunteers. They could talk to the children, introduce themselves and play various games with them – football, volleyball, running.

Shortly after that, the ambassador and his team departed and the volunteers got down to work and everyone started painting the school! 

What a team work that was! Dirty with paint and a smile on their faces, each of the volunteers took a small piece of the wall and started to paint it dynamically. Watch video. Local children were watching the entire process from behind the school’s doors and windows while cheering the volunteers.

It was a very productive afternoon. There was so much work to do that everyone forgot how hungry they were. After the first coat of paint was applied, the happy volunteers went to the HB Hotel for a well-deserved lunch. During lunch, everyone had fond memories of the ambassador’s visit with his wife and his team, and how kindly the local community welcomed them and made them feel like home. 

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to rest and exploring the city. While some chose to swim in the pool and played volleyball with a local team, the rest went for a walk around the town and a little shopping in Dubreka. Everyone met for dinner at 20:00. Fish, seafood and meat with vegetables were served for dinner. That was another delicious and nutritious meal provided by the staff of HB Hotel.

The third day was coming to an end. As the next day was going to be very busy, everyone went to bed for a well-deserved sleep and regeneration.

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