Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 4 – Wednesday (13th October 2021)

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It’s Wednesday morning, day four of an epic volunteer journey to Dubreka, Guinea to build a library and computer class for local children in need. What a wonderful day, sunny and full of fresh air! 

At 7:30 am, all volunteers met in the dining room for breakfast. Fresh coffee and omelettes were provided for a good start to the day. When everyone finished eating, it was time to prepare for another day of work in the field.

On that day, the volunteers were divided into 3 teams. One, Dr. Zenon and pharmacist Ifi, went to a nearby hospital in the early morning to help local doctors and nurses with their daily work. Their task was to share their experience with the entire local staff and help in receiving patients.

Team 2, volunteer Mikey and Pavel, stayed at the hotel to install the software on more than 20 laptops donated to the children. They wanted to finish this work as soon as possible so laptops could be brought into the computer room once painted and refreshed. Finally, the rest of the team went to school to finish painting.

After a hard day of work, it was time for a well-deserved rest. Following the principle of “work hard play hard”, the volunteers jumped into the pool at the HB Hotel and spent most of the day swimming, diving and playing various water games. 

It was a very relaxing afternoon followed by a delicious dinner. Duck, chicken, baked fish, seafood and vegetables were served on the table – all fresh and well seasoned.

Immediately after dinner, the chairman of URBOND – Drame and his left hand Mac prepared a surprise for everyone. Without revealing any details, Drame asked everyone to dress up in their evening clothes, pack up water and follow him. After a 10-minute walk, everything was clear… 

The surprise was the performance of local dancers moving vigorously to the rhythm of drums music. What a great show it was! Several talented people were dancing in front of everyone’s eyes, the dance was fast and wild, and the drums music was very loud. At one point, the dancers invited each of the volunteers to the center of the stage, one by one, and asked them to follow their steps. Each of the volunteers had a chance to show off their dancing skills and learn a few local moves. They all had a great time tipping performers for their show. 

Tired but happy after having such a good time, everyone went to sleep. The next day was going to be very interesting and full of excitement – a trip to Conakry was planned to visit the British ambassador in Guinea, David McIlroy.

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