Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 5 – Thursday (14th October 2021)

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It was Thursday, October 14, early hour at the HB Hotel in Dubreka when all the volunteers met for the morning breakfast. Excited and rested, everyone was looking forward to going to the capital of Guinea – Conakry. After packing water and snacks, the volunteers jumped into their van and went on a long journey to Conakry.

The main purpose of visiting Conakry was very special. The British Ambassador to Guinea, David McIlroy, invited volunteers all over for refreshments, drinks and talks that afternoon. Honored volunteers were so looking forward to this wonderful event! 

Ambassador David was very moved and fascinated by the whole URBOND project. In the past, he was very active with different charities in many countries across the globe hence he appreciated even more the effort and dedication of all those involved in building a library and a computer class for children in need in Dubreka. The ambassador greeted everyone with a wonderful smile. Guests were asked to enjoy snacks, drinks and they could chat with the ambassador about his mission, life in Guinea and his daily duties as an ambassador. 

It was a lovely afternoon. David introduced all his staff to the volunteers, showed them around the wonderful garden overlooking the sea and shared some stories from his life with everyone. The volunteers were fascinated by his work and appreciated the kind words they heard about their URBOND project.

When the visit was over, everyone went to a restaurant for dinner. The place was really nice with tables overlooking the sea. After dinner, everyone visited a local bar for drinks and some dancing before heading back to the hotel in Dubreka.

What an exciting day it was! 

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