Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 6 – Friday (15th October 2021)

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It was Friday, October 15, day 6 of the URBOND volunteering trip in Guinea and it was the day when the work in the Dubreka school started again.

The day before, as the volunteers were out of town, the paint in the school had dried up so this whole day was devoted to painting again. A second coat of paint had to be put on all the walls.

Everyone left the hotel for school in the early morning, right after breakfast, and was involved in the work. One team painted the walls and the other put cement on the floors and curbs of classrooms. The work was going smoothly and this was such a productive afternoon despite the strong heat. 

Work at the school ended in the late afternoon with a delicious lunch. For the rest of the day, the volunteers played volleyball with a local volleyball team, swam in the HB hotel pool and explored the nearby area.

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