Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 8 – Sunday (17th October 2021)

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On day 8, Sunday at 9:00 am, right after breakfast, the volunteers jumped into the van and went directly to the school.

They had to see if the school had been cleaned and if the paint was completely dry. Everything turned out to be done and ready to continue the work. 

As the volunteers entered the school they saw a large sign in orange and black on one of the walls that said: WELCOME {URBOND} Child Education Programme. It was a wonderful moment that summed up the effort and so much love put into painting the entire school. Then, each of the volunteers had a chance to put their hand paint on the wall and write their name and surname with a marker. It was a beautiful gesture commemorating the names and surnames of all the volunteers who had been preparing the school for use over the past months.

The end of the afternoon was devoted to cleaning the entire school – washing the walls and floors so that the school was fully ready to put in chairs, tables, books and laptops the next day. 

After 14:00, cleaning was completed and the volunteers went to HB Hotel for a well-deserved meal and coffee. Right after eating, most people went into town to play volleyball with the local team, and some jumped into the pool to swim and relax. The rest of the afternoon was to recharge before the next busy day of work.

In the evening there was dinner and long talks about the trip and the progress of the school. The volunteers thanked Drame and Mac for such a great experience during the day and together they planned the next day. When the planning was complete, everyone went to sleep. It was another wonderful, memorable and productive day in Guinea. Four more to go!

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