Volunteer’s Trip 2021: Day 9 – Monday (18th October 2021)

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This is the 9th day of the memorable trip to Guinea to build a library and computer classroom for kids in need living in Dubreka.

This is one of the most important days in the history of this trip – the day when volunteers bring chairs, tables, books and computers to the finished room.

Before that, though, it was time for the morning feast. At 8:00 am everyone got together for breakfast – fresh omelettes, fruit porridge, lots of coffee and orange juice. During breakfast, the whole plan of action was established – who will do what, how long the work will take and what the volunteers want to achieve by the end of the afternoon.

At 9 am, everyone went to school and started working. Much support was received from local children and the public who helped them unpack books from cardboard boxes. Local people also helped bring chairs and tables to the classroom. It was amazing team work!

It was a wonderful feeling to see the library and computer room being almost ready for the kids. When the books were placed on the shelves, the kids could take them and start learning. Even though most of them never learned to read, it was an extraordinary experience for them to just open these books and look at what was in there.

The rest of the day was spent in a very relaxing atmosphere. Some of the volunteers went to a volleyball game (as usual), some decided to stay at the hotel and swim, some went for a walk. In the evening, delicious grilled fish, famous plantains and salads were served. After supper, everyone went to bed, it was a very busy day in Dubreka after all.

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