Volunteer’s Trip 2022: Day 11 (12th October 2022)

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Play area inauguration


Today marks the handing over ceremony of the children’s play area to Ecole Public d’Application’s head teacher.

The day started with a lay-in, followed by a late breakfast, a much-welcomed change in routine. Final inspections of the play area followed shortly after breakfast. After getting the school ready to welcome the special guests for the inauguration, volunteers returned to the hotel for lunch and to get changed into their traditional attires for the ceremony.

Alishba Khaliq Deputy Head of Mission to the Republic of Guinea was the special guest representing the British Embassy. Alishba arrived at the school around 2:30pm, volunteers seized the opportunity to showcase URBOND’s achievements to date: the library and the computer from, brand new girls toilet and the headteacher’s new office. Alishba observed an IT lesson taking place followed by English classes delivered by Andrew and Martina the volunteers.

At 4:15pm the inauguration ceremony began, with the children delivering a moving speeches expressing their gratitude for URBOND’s work. Speeches from the head teacher, Alishba and Ousmane Drame URBOND CEO followed the children’s moving speeches.

At 4:45pm Alishba who represented the British Embassy to Guinea cut the ribbon, which marked the end of the ceremony.

Following a short interlude, At 5:15pm the basketball and volleyball games took place, in front of a large crowd. Guests of honour included Dubreka Secretary General Mr Almamy Aly Camara and the president of Guinea’s volleyball Association. In total over 400 people attended the inauguration ceremony -needless to say it was an eventful day, and the locals showed appreciation for being provided with sporting facilities for their regular activities.

Back at the hotel, a period of reflection followed after dinner with the volunteers sharing how much the trip had changed their lives.  As a reward for the hard work of the volunteers a private function room was provided for the volunteers by Mr Balde the hotel’s owner. The volunteers took the opportunity to both celebrate their achievements to date and equally let their hair down.

Onwards and Upwards !!!

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