Volunteer’s Trip 2022: Day 12 (13th October 2022)

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Final day in Dubreka.


As the volunteers packed their bags in the morning they met at 10am for their final breakfast in Dubreka. One last visit to the school to formally say goodbye to the headteacher, teachers and the children in their classes. Film team Alec and Doug captured young Alpha’s journey to school on the drone to complete the content for his ‘day in the life’ series.

Lunch was set for 2pm as the road to Conakry can be unpredictable. 3 hours were left to arrive back at the airport and every minute was needed! The road out from the hotel to the main road in Dubreka was rocky, but the stretch from Dubreka to Conakry was smooth. There were still the hordes of motorcycles and construction trucks that needed to be passed, whilst avoiding oncoming traffic enroute. Everything flowed until the main turning in to the capital, Conakry. A fly over bridge meets a corner of market stalls, with waterlogged mud tracks hugging the area in front of the stalls. 3 lanes of traffic merged into a space barely big enough for two cars. The traffic heading out of Conakry was far worse, so the volunteers cruised happily through the capital.

Panic set in momentarily due to traffic being at a complete standstill. – even the motorcycles, the superior navigators of Conakry traffic were at a standstill. The car containing Andy, Martina, Doug and Cat went to take a short cut down a side road to no avail. Luckily all three cars made it to the airport with 3 hours to spare.

Although URBOND CEO Drame would be flying out 3 days later, he, along with URBOND’s representatives in Guinea, Mariam and Mac, were permitted to follow the volunteers through the airport. Once inside, the head of police operations in the airport, Commisaire Traore, personally invited the group into his office as a token of his appreciation for the team’s great achievements in the country of Guinea. One thing that always surprises the people of Guinea is that people would fly all the way from the UK to help the people in their country.

Volunteers boarded the flight and took off at 22.55pm destination London Heathrow Airport.

The following comment was made by Carlos Landry Bike Ngassa one of the volunteers,

’I embarked on this journey with the hope to change children’s in need lives, it ended up changing my life too.’’

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