Volunteer’s Trip 2022: Day 3 (4th October 2022)

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Visit to the Mayor’s office


Day 3 was all about meeting the officials in Dubreka. The day began at the City’s head of education office where the volunteers were welcomed by Madame Camara who runs the department. During the meeting, the group was introduced to ministers and state officials who expressed their gratitude for the work URBOND is doing in the area.

The highlight of the day was meeting the gentle giant that is the General of Dubreka. His warm welcome was fast becoming a tradition following his welcoming of the 2021 volunteers. The evening brought with it amazing food with the General as guest of honour. Fun fact of the evening – the General’s favourite artist…Elton John, it is not known if this is because of the track Rocket Man.

After the visit to the General in the afternoon, the team headed off to a local private school. It was very inspiring to see that URBOND’s vision for top quality education in Guinea is absolutely achievable. The director of the school kindly showed them around, and spent time in their designated computer room. In comparison, the bibliotheque (meaning Library in French) built by URBOND has facilities to match the top private school in the region.

To end the introductions to the top officials, the team went to the Mayor’s office in Dubreka who the volunteers had met in the General’s office earlier, and had kindly invited the volunteers to the Mayoral building. Like those before, he was very touched by the volunteers taking time out of their busy schedules to enrich the people of Guinea’s lives.

Although no physical work was completed, after introducing themselves to the various groups of officials, the volunteers were exhausted. As they arrived back to the hotel around 5 o’clock the late lunch was ready to be devoured. The food in Guinea is absolutely amazing, and Doug always says it’s the main reason he returns to the trip.

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