Volunteer’s Trip 2022: Day 8 (9th October 2022)

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Run Dubreka, Run!


Sunday 9th October was the date for the first ever semi-marathon to be held in Dubreka. The event was organised in partnership with the Club sportif de kipe, (CSK), who organise marathons and various running events in the Republic of Guinea. CSK is run by Mr Sekou Djibril whose mission is to help members fight against cardiovascular disease and obesity. It was yet another early start for the volunteers who arrived at the prefecture, or local guildhall, at 6:30am to set up the car park as a registration zone.

By 7:00am the first participants arrived to be registered by the team, and warmups commenced. By 8:00am there were over 100 local community members registered and ready to run. The course would navigate around the rural parts of the Kindia region in Dubreka, with the primary mission of spreading the awareness of child education to the different communities. The semi-marathon started at 08:30am and was led by a march of local kids holding a banner which read “Semi-marathon Dubrekka 2022”, spotting the logos of URBOND, CSK, and headline sponsor, Richmond Motor Group.

300 people took part in the event and the group was fired up ready to start the journey. Local DJ’s had strapped large sound systems to the top of their vans and set the route for the participants to follow. Filled with excitement, a front group broke away and started running at a steady pace. They soon left everyone else behind as the sun became more intense, and temperatures rose to a sweltering 28 degrees. Local champion Mr Wright took it upon himself to divert the busy traffic away from the procession, as well as providing constant support for the participants.

The route followed steep inclines and sharp declines, navigating through dirt roads that were off the beaten path. After 5km the pace car stopped and allowed the group to re-gather and a much-needed water break. A great reception from all communities on the route was enough to overcome any hint of fatigue from the sweat of participants.

After a short afternoon break, the URBOND volunteers re-assembled and regrouped at the school to deliver afternoon English lessons to eager students. Andrew had already shown his natural teaching abilities over the week, and paired with Martina, the two made for a formidable teaching force. Star pupil and IT wizard, Alpha Yaya’s grandfather joined the class to improve his English skills. Although his age in unknown even to himself, looking well in to his 70’s it was inspiring to see that people from all walks and ages of life want to better themselves everyday

Volunteer Andy marvelled at the communities’ eagerness to take time out from their Sunday afternoon to join the sessions. Also, the participants always work in such a team-spirited way, constantly helping each other to grow. The local volleyball team have fully bought into the URBOND message over the past 2 trips with key member Binta, Alseny, Nabo, to name a few always in attendance giving their free time to the community projects the volunteers are conducted.

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