Volunteer’s Trip 2022: Day 9 (10th October 2022)

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Mondays aren’t all bad.


Following a successful weekend working with the community, the URBOND team carried the positive momentum into the week starting with a day of menstrual health workshops delivered by Catarina and Mariam to a further 50 young girls. In addition, young boys at the school were also educated on matters relating to girls’ menstruation. Through URBONDs research and outreach work, this had been identified as a key principle in fighting the high drop-off rate in school attendance by prepubescent girl who suffered from teasing by their male counterparts. Another aim of the workshops is reducing teenage pregnancy and resultant poverty through understanding of sexual health.

URBOND volunteer Carlos had the job of delivering the workshop to the young boys. In total there was 150 students who took part in the workshop. Carlos delivered a very passionate presentation to the classes, and being from Cameroon, therefore a native French speaker, allowed him to deliver the message with clarity and energy. Carlos blessed with 2 young twin boys, is very committed to helping the communities to improve the futures for every generation.

Over at the basketball court the rain was proving to be the teams arch nemesis. The rainy season in Guinea, which sees 6 months of constant rain, falls between April and September. Therefore, by the time the volunteers trip arrives clear skies and blistering temperatures should be guaranteed. Unfortunately, this has not been the case this year – perhaps a sign of climate change. The painting team, comprising of locals and volunteers, seem to be taking 1 roll forward but 2 rolls back every day. By 4 o’clock in the afternoon the first coat of white paint had all been painted on before the heavens opened and a tropical storm fell from the skies. When it rains it pours in Guinea, and with diminishing sunlight all the work that was possible had been completed for the day.

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