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In rural areas in our efforts to encourage child education.


URBOND is acting to eliminate barriers to education, such as gender disparities and other vulnerable circumstances including financial hardship.

The programme actively targets the root causes which drive many families to keep their children out of school, often putting them to work in order to support the household financially or otherwise.

  • Organisation representatives are working to make parents aware of the importance of child education.
  • The charity is actively supporting parents with gaining relevant skills, including technical and vocational, to improve their employment and entrepreneurial prospects, so that their households can better afford the costs of educating their children.


Doumba story

“I reached a point in my marriage where I did not know whether to stay with or leave my husband”.

Domba was married for 18 years to a bully, there had been times when she was close to causing herself harm and even contemplating taking her life. Domba divorced her husband in 2015 when her little son Moussa Tenguino was only 3 years old. As a result of the divorce, Domba was kicked out of the family home and moved to the capital (Conakry) to find a job to support herself and her son (Moussa). Fortunately, Domba was able to get a job but it wasn’t sustainable for her to pay for their accommodation, food and to send Moussa to school.

“Education is very important to me, I did not have the opportunity to go to school as a came from a poor family but I would love to send my son Mousa to school.”