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URBOND Training Centres provide various certified employment skills, workshops and seminars for the locals to enable them to secure jobs and afford the cost of educating their children.

In Guinean society, there is a growing crisis where young people leave the country illegally to try and reach Europe. In doing so, they risk their lives. This crisis of irregular migration stems from the poor quality of the Guinean education system and its unsustainability in providing the right skills which will enable young adults to access the job market and a secure future.

Latest figures show 65% of university graduates are unemployed in Guinea, and the informal economy accounts for 70% of employment.

To address this, we have created a bespoke Tech Training Centre to provide high-quality, job-ready training to those aged 18 – 30. The centre recruits underprivileged young people to the training programme, and then fosters these students’ entrepreneurial skills through an intensive six-month programme, building their skills for financial independence.

These Training Centres are vital to creating a sustainable system of jobs and prosperity in the country, whilst preventing unnecessary and lethal migration. By pledging a donation today, no matter how small, you support us in our endeavour to improve the lives of young people in Guinea, and further expand these vital Training Centres.

Donate today and contribute to their tomorrow. It really does make a difference.

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