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To provide training in employability skills to community members which will enable them secure jobs and afford the cost of education to their children.

A centre that will provide training in various employment skills to community members which will enable them secure jobs that will enable them to afford education for their children.

In Guinea It is estimated that the informal economy accounts for around half of GDP and 70% of employment. Guinea is ranked 178th in the world on the UNDP's 2020 Human Development Index.

What can be advanced on the basis of cross-checks, extrapolations and projections, in a situation of scarcity of figures, is that in 2000, 62% of higher education graduates and 42% of graduates in technical education (aged 25 to 29) were unemployed (AGUIPE, 2000). Some projections even suggest an unemployment rate of nearly 65% of higher education graduates in 2013. Of these 65% of graduates from the Guinean university system, 19% would have become discouraged and would no longer look for jobs.

Those facts are aligned with our analysis on the ground: the poor quality of the Guinean education system and its orientation are producing young adults that do not have the right qualifications for the employment market. This is why we are creating URBOND Training Centre in order to provide job ready trainings and/or trainings that can foster entrepreneurship for financial independence.

Offered Courses

The following courses will be offered at the opening of the training centre:

IT classes
English classes

Project status: Starting September 2022