Workshop with local community members on how to improve child education in the region

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Our CEO, Country Representative and the team on the ground have been busy working with the locals in Dubreka, 3 workshops with 3 different groups all in one day on the 21st May 2022. All the workshops were aimed at helping improve child education.

1st workshop was with the local authority to prepare volunteers’ trip and discuss the charity plan for 2022.

2nd workshop was with the parents to further discuss barriers preventing young girls’ education and how we can further support them.

3rd workshop was with the community to discuss illegal immigration, it’s dire impacts and how young people can be supported so that they stay in school and not risk their lives.

In total 78 people attended the workshops, mixture of women, men and young people. The feedback we have received is very good, we have already diarised more workshop on Saturday 28th May with different groups to further discuss the dire situation.

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