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URBOND Conference 2024

URBOND Conference 2024

URBOND, held its second conference event to shine a light on the work the charity has done around community integration and cohesion, youth support and providing education and opportunities to children in need across the world and the impact this created during 2023. Guests enjoyed an afternoon of inspiring speeches of all three of the programmes which are the Community Integration, Youth Development and Child Education along with an insight into the goals for the year of 2024.

The Community Integration Programme was formed off the back of local integration issues to help advance racial harmony, equality and diversity for the city of Portsmouth and so far over 50,000 people spanning 80 different nationalities have benefitted from the programme.

The charity’s Youth Development Programme is working to drive opportunities, wellness and success for underserved young people and their future and is addressing prevalent issues in the city such as youth crime, obesity, low literacy rates and unemployment. In 2023, URBOND saw almost 8,000 young participants with 156 of those engaged every single week, organised over 400 activities and spent a staggering 1,131 hours with young people.

URBOND’S Child Education Programme is helping improve child education and provide opportunities to children in need in the Republic of Guinea (Africa), where there are major shortfalls and a severe lack of opportunities for young people. You will be able to hear from some of the charity volunteers who took the trip to the Republic of Guinea in October 2023 at the event where they will share their experiences. Since inception, the charity has supported over 20,000 primary school children under the programme, donated over 15,000 basic items and study materials and empowered teachers and parents on the need for education.