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primary school children supported

textbooks, bags, basic items and study materials donated to children.

young boys benefitted from girls’ protection and sexual violence workshops.

young girls benefitted from the menstruation workshops

The work we do has left a huge impact on the lives of children in underprivileged communities.

brand new toilet build for girls
Diploma celebration

  • Over 3,000 locals to benefit from a new school being built
  • Over 1,000 children will benefit from a newly renovated multi-sport court.
  • A newly renovated library and computer room is forecast to benefit over 1,000 children and locals.
  • Over 5,000 people sensitised on the need for and the importance of educating children.
  • Over 15,000 textbooks, bags, study materials and other useful items are donated to children.
  • Intensive English classes benefit over 2,000.
  • URBOND supports over 20,000 primary school children.
  • Menstruation workshops have benefitted over 10,000 young girls.
  • 3,850 sanitary pads have been distributed to girls from an under priviledged background.
  • Over 12,000 young boys benefitted from girls’ protection and sexual violence workshops.
  • 246 parents were sensitised on girls’ education.
  • Over 300 teachers received training on supporting young girls during menstruation.
  • A brand new meeting room and office benefitted over 100 teachers.
  • URBOND’s support has enabled 11 locals to get certified and obtain jobs in IT.
  • 37 benefitted from the first edition of URBOND’s conference in the Republic of Guinea.
  • URBOND partners with 20 schools across three cities for further impact: Conakry, Dubreka and Coyah.


Fatoumata Binta Baldé's profile

Hello, my name is Fatoumata Binta Baldé. I’m 11 years old. I’m a student in class 6 at the Modern School Harmattan (Dubréka). The IT classes are very good and beneficial to society. Classes are going well; we have a teacher who explains well. Everyone is happy here. I really thank you URBOND.

- Fatoumata Binta Baldé

Firmin Bangoura's profile

Hi, my name is Firmin Bangoura a 6th grade student at Friendship College (Dubréka). I am 11 years old Classes are going well. We have a teacher who explains it well. We are happy to have new knowledge of computer tools. Everyone is happy here. I really thank you URBOND for what you’ve done for children and the community.

- Firmin Bangoura

Djenabou Keita's profile

Hello, my name is Djenabou Keita, I'm in 6th grade at Harmattan, I’m really happy for the courses offered by URBOND and I would like to ask them to expend the centre everywhere in Guinea so that less fortunate kids will benefit from it. We learn a lot and I'm very happy. Thank you URBOND.

- Djenabou Keita

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