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Many children in rural areas cannot access a school and will not receive a formal education. Even more troubling, others will make perilous journeys over long distances just to go to school.

Education should be accessible for all.

And that’s why here at URBOND we’re working with communities which have a great need for more accessible and improved schooling, and providing education where it is urgently required.

Your donations really do help us deliver these vital projects, and will contribute towards, and greatly support, the Building Schools campaign.


Koutaya is a village in the Republic of Guinea (with a population of around 3,000 people) that currently has no available schools situated locally. To attend the nearest schools children must walk distances of 5km-10km each day, with many of those also having to make a dangerous water crossing.

Charity representatives identified the significant educational shortfall within the region and moved to secure land on which to build a school to help overcome these issues. The charity is now actively working to raise support and funds with which to construct a new school and furnish it with the necessary supplies and resources.

Completing this project will vastly improve the educational opportunities for this community and make learning accessible to children who are currently very much in need.

Project Plan
school plan
Project Cost
Project Benefits

Educate 500+ children yearly

Provide employment (15+ staff)

Empower a community of about 3000 people.

Project status: Ongoing

Your donations make a world of difference and enable us to deliver for these rural communities. Imagine desperately wanting an education but not being able to go to school because of where you live? Or having to make a hazardous crossing over water just to get to school each day? The Building Schools Project will change all this and deliver even more. No child should be without education. Help us to build a school, equip it and change children’s lives for the better today. Donate now.