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Children are our future. They are the community of tomorrow. The thinkers. The leaders. The brilliant minds. But only with accessible education, and the opportunity to build skills and learn.

No child should be without this opportunity. Every child deserves a school which is close and doesn’t require a potentially lethal journey to reach each day. Every child needs to be able to stay in education, and be protected from harmful practices such as child labour and marriage.

At URBOND, we champion education and child welfare above everything. We work tirelessly to ensure children have access to, and remain in, education. We build schools. We educate. We train. We provide equipment. We impact communities. We drive messaging about education importance.

But we can only do so with your help. One of the biggest things you can do is sponsor a child. Sponsor a child today, and support a whole community tomorrow.

Our child sponsorship programme means a child/children will receive an education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to raise their voices, stay in school longer and to be protected from any harmful practices.

At URBOND, we have significant experience connecting sponsors and families in underprivileged communities. We build relationships between donors and those their kind-hearted funds supports, so you can see the true impact of your donation.

Please consider sponsoring a child today and seeing the true value of your sponsorship. It really does make a world of difference.

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Andrew with a child

A unique connection

As a sponsor, you will be connected to a family who are a treasure to their community. You can build this special connection by sharing letters, drawings, and photos so you’ll get a glimpse into their world.

Support the Whole Community

Sponsorship supports communities to educate, empower, and protect their children. Every journey is unique - but each sponsorship can help drive long-lasting changes to benefit everyone in the community and beyond.

By sponsoring a child today, you will be supporting their whole family. Your donations will help more children to get an education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to raise their voices, stay in school longer and stop harmful practices like child marriage and child labour. Your donation will make sure a child receives an education they deserve.



In the heart of Guinea, six children live with their parents in a small one-bedroom flat. It is located twenty-five minutes arduous walk from school.

Kadiatou, the middle child, is extremely intelligent: top of her primary six class and regularly attending URBOND’s established English and IT classes. She loves English, and even delivered a speech in English at the International Girls’ Day Celebration. One day, she dreams of becoming a pilot, even though she has never seen an aeroplane.

“Why do you want to become a pilot Kadiatou?”

“Because one day I want to travel the world. And support my family.”

The only wage in the household is from Kadiatou’s dad. He earns £20 - £30 per month, which does not even cover the rent. With six children, the youngest aged two, Kadiatou’s mother cannot work.

Without vital financial support, Kadiatou will be forced into child labour to support her family. This means there will be no chance for her to follow her dreams and become a pilot and explore the world.

For just £33 per month, we can keep Kadiatou in education and support her family. This contribution would be vital to ensuring the family can pay their rent, eat and send Kadiatou to school.

Any sponsored child will go to an URBOND partnered school, which means attendance and results can be easily monitored, and in return for sponsorship we can give you essential, life-affirming updates and photos showcasing the progress of the child.

If you can help, please contact us today. It means the world to give children like Kadiatou the gift of education, and to ensure they can follow their dreams. Help us to help them.


Mariama is twelve years old and lives in Dubreka, and she lives with her aunt. Following a bright start in which Mariama studied at Ecole Primaire d’Application, passing exams with flying colours, her aunt refused to let her study further and enrol in secondary education.

Upon further investigation from the dedicated team at URBOND, we uncovered the reasoning behind this decision, which was lack of finances.

Through URBOND’s support, Mariama was able to get back into education and is now enrolled in a secondary school where she is performing well. We are now seeking for a sponsor to support Mariama.

With £25 a month, Mariama will be supported to stay in school. The money will be used to support Mariama, with materials such as books; bags; textbooks, school lunch and other essential resources.

Without sponsorship, Mariama would not be able to carry on with her education, losing her opportunities and leaving unfulfilled potential in a young, bright girl.

The sponsorship programme is essential not just for giving girls like Mariama the gift of education, but also educating the community, such as Mariama’s aunt, on the importance of education and the ways in which URBOND can help. Please get in touch today and see the difference you can make.


In 2021, URBOND built a library and computer room to offer children in underprivileged communities access to computers. Within just 12 months, we have seen children go from having zero knowledge of how to use a computer to doing coding, programming and have some as young as 10 now volunteering to help teach IT classes to their peers and members of the community. Alongside this, URBOND have been offering intensive English classes to the children for a better future.

In addition, URBOND IT & English classes are being delivered to members of the community in order for them to obtain jobs and afford the cost of educating their children. Latest figures show 65% of university graduates are unemployed in Guinea, and the informal economy accounts for 70% of employment. Due to young people’s unemployment rate, 28% of irregular migration from West Africa was made up of Guinean Nationals in 2019, and the majority of those young people end up losing their lives from trying to cross the sea for a better life.

URBOND have been recruiting underprivileged young people to provide them with intensive IT & English classes, and then foster these student’s entrepreneurial skills, build their skills for financial independence and afford the cost of sending their children or siblings to school.

For the past 12 months, we have seen many young people obtaining jobs off the back of undertaking these classes. With your support, more children can benefit from URBOND’s support and not risk their lives leaving the country in hopes of a better future. potential.

Donate £15 a month to help us pay our teachers and provide them with the support to give children a quality education and life changing opportunities.



As a sponsor, URBOND will connect you to the child. You can build this special connection by sharing letters, drawings, photos, and phone calls so you’ll get a glimpse into their world.

Progress Report

URBOND will provide you with a quarterly progress report on the child along with photos and videos.

Expert advice

The charity will support you through the sponsorship and provide you with specialist advice on the child’s situation.

URBOND is a trusted organisation with over 10 years experience working with children and families both in the UK and overseas. We have built strong relationships with those who are in need of support and can assure you that your donation will have great impact. URBOND will be here for every step of your sponsorship journey.

Please contact us to find out how you can sponsor a child and offer them better opportunities for the future.

Email:childeducation@urbond.org Phone: 02392 293 765